Monday, August 13, 2012

Goodbye Los Pinos

Well hello again.
So i will first say that i have been transfered :( Bye Los Pinos. I have been in Los Pinos for about a little over 4 months and i have really began to love it. Now i am in Sector Industrial, Tijuana. Its right below california. Los Pinos was at the bottom of TJ and now im at the top but the same distence from the ocean so it is still pretty hot here. Oh and i am Senor Companion. My new comp. is named Elder Peña and has 3 months on the mision. I am a little nervous to be senor and in a new area but im also a little excited.
So this past week has been pretty great. First off we spent a lot of time visiting Rocio and Pedro. I have mention a little about Rocio but idk about Pedro. Pedros family was baptized like a year ago and he has been going to church with them and all but he has never been baptized. I guess he just hasnt wanted to. This week we worked a bit with him and he told us that we wants to be baptized. His family was all really happy, and of course so were we. So yeah this week was spent with mainly Pedro and Rocio. Those fotos of me, my comp., and the bird where taken at the house of Rocio. 
Satuday the date of their baptizm came around and we spent quite a bit of the day cleaning the church and prepping for the baptizm... and a little bit of goofing around with the other Elders in our ward. 
Everyone was just really excited that day becasue of the bautizms and because that night we find out whats happening with transfers. 6pm came around (time of the baptizm) and no one was there. After a little while Rocio showed up and then the ward mission leader but still there wasnt really anyone there. At like 6:40 Pedro and his family showed up and then we started. Right as we stopped waiting for more people and started, like 30 more people from the ward showed up. Everything went really well :) Actually this return misionary flew in all the way from Paru to be there. His name is Elder Roque, he was the one that baptized the rest of the family. 
Then later that night my whole district got to gether to wait for the call from the Zone Leaders. Thats when i found out that i was getting transfered.
Suday, Rocio and Pedro were confirmed a member of the Church and recieve el Espiritu Santo. Right after church a big party/open house was thrown for Pedro by his family. Much of the ward was invited and there was a lot of food. It was a really great time and a perfect last day of my time in Los Pinos. I got to say all my goodbyes.
But yeah now i am here and still in a bit of shock that i am not in Los Pinos anymore. 
Well i will talk to you all later next week with a little more news about were i am now. 
Love you all, Bye!
Elder Evans

Ready to go to Sector Industrial


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Another new member!

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  1. Congrats on your new location, senior position and another baptism. Keep up the hard work!