Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nov 12 2012

Queridos Familia y amigos

Its good hearing all about the wedding. I guess its still pretty hard to imagine the changes that are going on while i am here so the wedding being a really big change in all is a little harder to imagine. But i am really happy for you Katie and i wish you two the best! Wish i could have been there with ya guys. That must have been really cool to have soo much family over and to be able to see everyone again.

So the week went pretty normal. I really enjoy Elder Hernandez as a companion. He really chill and easy to get along with. A lot of this week seemed to be spent with meetings with other missionaries. They are usually focused on what we have been struggling with whether its Bautismos, lecciones, lecciones con miembros,...ect and how we can get improve. They are pretty fun actually, its just they take up a lot of time. But its cool listing to what our Mission President has to say to all of us, idk if i have mentioned it be hes a pretty funny guy. These meeting that we had was focused on our use of time in the mornings. We have a little schedule in the mornings of when we get up, excersise, and when we should be studying. This was on how we can more effectivily use our time set asside to studying for our investigaters and their needs.

Besides our little meetings scattered all about the week the other highlight of the week was this saturday. We had a baptism for the girl Katia. Normally we hold baptisms sundays because its more difficult for the members to attend any other day. But so that the family could go we had to hold it on saturday. Saturday was a pretty cool day, apperently, or atleasts thats what what everyone was saying. I of course felt fine with the normal tshirt that i wear. It took place at night (6:00pm), maybe not quite night but it was pretty dark out. Everyone was cold, except me.

Well i love you all! Got to go!
Elder Evans

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  1. I really look forward to these posts. It is a highlight in my week. Thank you!