Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nov 5 2012

Hello again.
So i know i didnt quiet finish the other letter but its because i ran out of time and thought that i would have a little bit more time to finish it... i was wrong.
I cant remember if i was even going to say much more other then, i am doing great ( not sick) but yeah that was like a few weeks ago.
Ok so mission update, we just had transfers and i am now suriving in........ the same place haha :) but im good with that. Though my companions changed. E Zuniga went to work in the offices, and i am now with E. Hernandez from Veracruz. He is a great guy, very fun. I have actually worked with him before, but that was when i had just arrived to TJ and i went on changes. I remember i had the hardest time understanding a single word he said because he slurrrs his words like crazy, and now i actually understand him.... most of the time haha.
Oh and to answer your question about the P in spanish, my shirt ripped.
So this week went by really fast. One reason being that it was the last of this transfer and that there was a lot of things to do before the change, like clean the house, say goodbye, eat at certain members tacostands haha.
Another reason being that halloween and day of the dead happened during the week. Guess what! They celabrate halloweeen here more then day of the dead! Halloween day we went to visit some members and some recent converts to eat with them. Starting at like 6 we started to see kids dressed up in costumes and they started going around asking for candy. Where we say "trick or treat" they say either "Truco o dulce" which is the translation or they say "tricky tricky" which i am guessing is them attemting to say "trick or treat". We Tried visiting some investagaters but they wer all out with their kids asking for candy. Ok now i will talk about what happened  on Dia del Muerte... no pasó nada! Well maybe some people may have had a few parties or something but nothing really seemed to be different about the night, that we saw.
Now this past week in teaching. Nothing to exciting happened but that is this one girl who we are helping prepare for baptism. Her mom is member but has been inactive for quiet a long while. I believe i have talked about them before. The mom (Tana) has a ton of problems both health wise and finanially but she wants the best for her daughter (Katia) and she knows that part of that means geting her active in the church and for her to learn of the Gospel of Christ. So we are teaching here, well the basics haha. Like who is Jesus Christ, what he did, what we must do, whos Jose Smith, why is it important to read the scriptures, and how we have a prophet in these days. It really reminds me of my days teaching Primery, i miss those days. I wouldnt mind coming back from the mission to the same calling again ;) She is going to be baptised this saturday.
Other then that, we are also working with the family of Hno Oswaldo. They went to church this past sunday, i was really happy. I really want the best for the family! I will tell you more of them later.
So this saturday we did two things. Eat fish and helped build a roof. Ok so we didnt alot more then just those two things that whole day but i only have pics of those two things. The fish as you can see in the pic was really tasty! It was given to us by some neighbors of the Otay missionaries. I really had to be careful, it was the first time i had eaten fish like that with all the bones and everthing. The fish had a lot of little tiny pointy bones that i almost swallowed and would have surely been the death of me but luckally i didnt swallow any :)
Now about the roof. That is like a multi day service project and are probably going to return next sat to work on it again. The roof is for a sister in the ward that has only been a member for 1 yr. I actually know that missionaries that taught her. She is really strong in the church and goes ever sunday. She is an amazing lady and cooks just as amazing too! Just about all of the members love her. So what i have learned here is that building a house, roof or something of the sort is quite different then in the states. Here i have not seen a single blueprint, plans, or anything. They just start building with what they got, cut everything and make the mesurements on the spot, and use all the resources that they can. It was really fun.

Well got to go, but before i go... I hope all goes well for you all! Felizidades Katie! Wish i could be there soooo bad! Its actually had to believe that i am really missing the wedding.
Love you all!

the fish

EJ ate the fish

EJ on the roof

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