Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oct 29 2012

Hola familia
Ok pues, mi mama me pedio que yo escriba una parafo en espanol y lo voy hacer. Hoy fue bien suave. Hoy es nuestro dia de preparacion, y nosotros fuimos a al Parque Amistad a jugar futbal americana y a ver el perque. Esta muy bonito por alli. Hay un lago, muchas patos, arboles, y HAY PASTO VERDE EN EL PARQUE. Me parece como un parque en Minnesota. Cuando estuvimos alli, jugabamos futbal americana con los elderes del Barrio Otay y con dos otro miembros. Estuvo muy divertido. Quando estabamos jugando, algien la rumpio mi camisa negra porque la agarro y se cayo.

Ok back to english. I hope most of you can find some means of figuring out what i just said.
So this week we had a few notable things happen..one of them being that me and my companion E Zuniga are starting to go running in the mornings. There is this really nice park in our sector. Its something you would expect in like MN or something. Its go a pond in the middle and there are a bunch of ducks there. The grass is green and there are lots of trees. When i am there i honestly dont feel like i am here in TJ anymore, its that different to what i am used to. I have a few pics of the park.
We have also started contacting more. Our list of people to teach is dwindaling a bit and we need more people. We are going to areas that we havent really been to and we try to find little things that keep us interested or keep us from feeling a little tired of cantacking or tracking (samething), like look for interesting houses, cars, or even people. And we have actually been finding more people.
Another little thing that happened this week is that me and my companion grossed out a family from the ward when we ate the eyes of the fish that they had just cooked. It was really funny when one of the daughters tried eating the fish eye and just had the most dissected look on her face. Like she was going to throw up, luckaly she didnt. :)

So i dont know if you remember Oswaldo from the other emails and i may have even wrote about his family already, but we finally started teaching the rest of his family! They are all really cool. Up until now there hasnt been much of a chance to talk to them. Me and my companion thought they were all really shy or somthing. But now that we were able to talk to them all we found out that they arnt shy at all but really cool. The wife had a lot of questions for us based on things she has either heard about us or things that she believes to see our views on those same things. It just so happens that we were in agreement with just about everything, especially her believes on baptism. She told us that she believes that one should get baptised when they feel they want to change there live to a more JesusChrist centered life. Meaning she thinks one should try there best to be the best they can after baptism and not just go back to their old ways.....
to be continued..

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  1. Ha! I could still read it! Guess I havent forgoten that much espanol after all. Man is he getting good, you guys must be proud.
    Uncle CC