Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oct 8 2012

Querido familia
Como esta todo? Me da gusto escuchar a todo que esta pasando a la casa!
Yeah i heard when the Profeta announced the new age requierments to go on a mision. I think that is soo awesome! I cant wait to see the jump in numbers of misionaries. And when they said that i actually thought spacifically of Paul and Morgan and how they could be out on the field really soon. I know both of them would enjoy and benifit a ton from going on a mision. 
Spacifically to Morgan: There are two sister misioneras in my district and it is really a blessing to have them in the district. This is my first transfer with sisters in my district and they are really cool. They often have really good ideas that non of the Elders think of, they plan better activities on PDays then the Elders, and last and Most Importantly... They are full of the Spirit and pure love for everyone (investigators, members, and all the other misioneros). So if you go, i know you will be a blessing to all in you mission.
Spacifically to Paul: Whether you go as soon as possible or work a little before hand, that is your choice to make. But as a Priesthood holder, you are given the opportunity/responcibility/blessing to go on a mission. And let me tell you, to go on a mission will be one of the biggest blessings in your life. You grow so much on a mission, spiritually and character-wise. You learn how to relay on the Lord to help you and you learn how to take challanges head-on. Oh and the mission is really fun too :)
Ok so now back to me :) I did enjoy Conference a lot! I did thougth have watch it in spanish which isnt as fun because you dont hear their actual voices, but me and my companion are going to download the talks in English to listen to.
Most of this week seemed focused toward Conference, we taught a lot about the Prophet and his role as Prophet and how we have the chance to listen to him this week. And then we ended up spending the whole weekend at the Stake Center for all the sessions. 
But other things happened to this week. First starting with tuesday. So this new convert brought us to this house of a girl that needed a blessing. The girl origanally couldnt hear or talk and because of that she didnt hear the car coming and was hit. Amazingly enough she only really broke here Femer (biggest bone in leg). Shes quite an amazing girl. Shes like 12 yrs old and when we came to see her she was all smiling and laughing. We gave her a blessing and letter started teaching her and the mom. It felt really great helping the familia in our priesthood service. Now to lighten the mood a little, when we left the house we were walking away and then say a chicken jump into a tree. I didnt know that chickens could jump/fly so high. I sent you a pic of the chicken.
Oh and another thing that happened. One morning we were about to leave the house and my comp walked through the doorway and then freaked out a little. So happened that he walked through a nasty little spider web. We then looked for the spider that made the web and there it was a nice big fat juicy viuda negra or black widow. Mom do you remember when us kids caught a spider and put it in a jar and tried to feed it? Well of course thats just what we did here. No worries we were very carefull, im actually really scared of spiders and so i took ever precausion availible and was ready to drop everything and step on it if anything went wrong. But all was good and now he is in a sandwich box. It was actually the first black widow i have ever seen.
We that is what i have to say today.
Love you all!
ELder Evans
There are chickens in the trees, yes, there are chickens in the trees...(a song from Sesame Street)
*scream*  *faint*
Can you see the red hourglass marking?

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