Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oct 22 2012

Hola que tal a todos!

So i promised i would have more things to write and pictures. Well i definitely have picks, now lets see how much i can write.
You asked the question about how those interviews normally go. With me it is something more of a "how are you". We talked about how i am doing in my area and with my companion that i have had sense the last interview and about how the family at home is. At the time i had a pretty sore throat and so we talked about that, it didnt really affect me much other then the fact that a lot of people couldnt understand my spanish with my quiet scratchy voice. Oh and yes the sore throat has passed. Then talked about the goals we but in the last interview and how i am doin with them. Everything was good. That was my 3rd interview with him. He does them every 3 months or so i think.

Thats awesome to hear all the missionary work that is happening in the ward. The Elders there must be really content. I hope we can arrive at that point with the ward. We are starting to a little bit of help from the ward though so i am happy.

So this week we meet this met this woman named Tana. She is member and so is her mom, they just have been away from the church about 3 yrs due to a series of unfortunate events. When she was younger and in the church she was very active. Apperently she even recieved a mission call but she declined it and moved to TJ. She stayed strong for a while longer but then she had an accident and lost one of her legs. More things happened and all and all she fell inactive. Right now she has a little girl (Katia, 9yrs old), no job, another child on the way, and is sepereted from the kids dad. Her mom works in Las Angeles and pays for their living expenses. Though she hadnt actually gone too church this past 3yrs she has kepted a pretty good testamony in the Gospel. She went to church with us this past week and she bore her testamony, and it was cool to see how much it made her happy to have finally been able to go back to church. She and the Grandma really want her daughter, Katia, to get baptized so we talked to her about it and found out she really doesnt know much about Jesus Christ. We are excited to be about to help this family out in the best way possible, helping them live the Gospel. My experience with them has also helped me remember how much i have and how greatful i am for those blessings in my life.

Oh and i dont know if you remeber Oswaldo, he got baptised about a month ago. Right now we have started talking with his wife. We have talked to her in the past a little but nothing much because she never seems to be there during the lession appointments. But! She actually went to church she week. Only for the last hr (Relief.S) because of work hours but hey its a start. I really hope all go's well with her, we put a time to meet with her to talk about the church. They have a family of 5 kids and i would love to see ever single one of them grow up with the Gospel.

Ok so a little update on our pet spider. Its dead. It got really boring becuase it doesnt like eating cockroaches and thats the only thing we can catch. So we let it go. E. Zuniga let it go close to the door, idk why, and it just walked right back inside the house on the door so i tried to catch it again and fell to the ground and Elder Zuniga freaked out and quickly stepped on it. Poor thing.

Oh one more thing, yesterday we were walking and some lady quickly walked up the us and asked if we had seen a young man run down the street. We hadnt. Apparently the man had robbed her from her bag or purse. That has been like the closest i have been to a crime inncidant (sp?) here in TJ. Apperently a lot of bad stuff happens here in TJ, but i guess it all happens behind my back.

Now i will talk about and make little comments about my pictures:
First of the coconut. So i had never bought a coco before and have never tried to open it either. So this week i did just that. It was very dificult, the knife didnt do a single thing.

 I decided i needed something a little stronger, like a 20 pound weight. I put the coco on the ground and hit it with the weight. The thing opened easily and i lost all the water from the coco.

Cellphone. That is our really old cell phone that we had. Its a Nokia and it Broke! I hope you get the joke. Now we have a better phone.

The two buildings. Well there is nothing interesting about the 2 buildings but the fence farther behind them is the line. Other side is Cal.

My area.

Gum wrapper thing. Learned that from Uncle Mike.

Opening the beans with a knife (E. Perez) because i forgot the can opener at the house. I am never going to eat beans again!

Love you all!
Elder Evans

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