Monday, October 1, 2012

Oct 1 2012

Ok so i have sent you 5 or so pictures and it just so happens that they all have to be of birds, but thats just how it is. About the hummingbirds, we were given an address to someones house and so when we went to meet them they wernt there but there was a house right next to it that had about 6 hummingbird feeders and so me and Elder Zuniga went over to there to see if we could get one of the birds to land on our fingers. Elder Zuniga is the one in the photo. We didnt have any success with the birds but it was still really cool because there were a ton of hummingbirds! All those birds on the telefone wires are humming birds. We also got to talk to them man who puts out those feeders and he says that in the morning and evening there are a lot more that come to feed. We set up a time to comeback to see the hummingbirds and of course talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
About the duck, there is a family in my ward that we went to visit because they wanted to set up a time for us to meet some friends of theirs. We went to the house and found that they had a pet duck. Well me and my companion just had to chase it done until we cought it, it was really fun. The family said it was ok and even thougth the duck tried to run away from us i dont think it minded too much either lol. Tonight we are going back to meet their friends and hopefully teach them!
Time is going by really fast here too. I was really surprised to find that it is already october too. I am also really excited for General Conference, i wonder if i will be allowed to see all sessions or just sunday. I also wonder if they will offer it in english. I know there is one guy in the ward who doesnt speak spanish and one of our converts (Tatiana) speaks english too. If they want me to watch it in spanish i will but I and my Companion would prefer english becuase its much cooler to hear their actual voices.
I am also looking forward for halloween or day of the dead to see what they do here in mexico for it.
This week has also been pretty great. Elder Zuniga and I are getting along really well and i am feeling a lot more confident in being the more expirienced one in this area. With Elder Pena, he knew all the members and were they all live and i felt like i was still learning all that. But now i feel fine and thougth i dont know where every member lives we will get by just fine i believe. I find that Elder Z likes to read and has actually read quiet a lot of the same books as me and we both like a lot of the same things. This transfer should be a lot of fun.
So this past week visited those that were just baptised to see how things are going and we are going to start to find that some Visiting Teachers or Home teacher and go with them to show them were they live.We also spent a lot of time trying to find new people to teach, not too much success there this past week but i believe this coming week will be a lot better. Update, Tatiana is now starting Alma already. It always amazes me to find out how far she is in the Book of Mormon and to talk about it with here and see that she is marking her favorite scriptures and getting a lot out of it. So she told us about the life she had as a child. [Mother's note: next few sentences are redacted because of sensitivity and privacy issues. I wouldn't even mention the fact that I edited, but I really liked the next sentence and I wanted to include it but it would seem out of place if I just put it in by itself. Suffice to say, the woman's childhood was not ideal. Now for the sentence I like a lot---->] I am just expecially greatfull for the time we got to spend together as a family.

Well Love you all!
Elder Evans

Elder Z tries to get a hummingbird to sit on his finger

all those birds are hummingbirds

EJ and a dirty duck

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