Monday, October 15, 2012

Oct 15 2012

Dear Family,
It was great seeing the pictures of Matt and his friends. 
So this week wasnt too much different then the past. We still have the pet spider and we are feeding it the cochroaches that we find in the house. It ate one of them but i dont think it liked it very much because it hasnt touched the other 2. Its kind of a boring pet, doesnt do much more then sit on its web. 
Well this week we have started working a lot with the members. Going to their houses, sharing a message, and then seeing if they know anyone who would be interested to hear about the Gospel. We are trying to transition from knocking on doors to recieving references. The diference is that when we teach someone who has a friend in the church already they are more likely to stick around and progress and stay active in the church. Those that we meet knocking on doors dont know any one except the mssionaries and its the missionaries that come and go and when the missionaries stop visiting them they fall away.  So that has been our focus this week. 
We also had our interviews with our mission president this week. At the interview i recieved our package! Thanks for all the stuff! I actually wore a few of the ties haha. But we had the interviews this week and they went by pretty well. Our President is a really great guy, Presidente Carreon. He can be really funny and very serious at times. And he is very active with the missionaries. He was interested to see what we got in our packages and galdy accepted a little share of everyones candy sent from home haha.
Truth being we didnt really do a whole lot his week. Lot of time spent in missionary meetings or in going from one place to another.
I promise to have more to write about next week and i will remember to bring my connector so that i can sent photos.
Well i love you all!
Elder Evans

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