Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nov 26 2012

Dear All,

Haha i thought youd all might like that about the Three Amigos. I really wanna see that movie now that i am hear in Mexico. But that can wait i guess. 
So it is great hearing that you all had a great thanksgiving. My thanksgiving i guys was kind of like a normal day. At the end of the day we went to a recent members house, Rosalva, and we made carne, beans, tortillas, and then for desert we ate Arroz con leche. Now i know beans and carne arnt really tipical thanksgiving food, but we were hungry and ate it all happily. 

This week went by really fast! I almost dont remember what i did this week becasue it feels like it just started and ended. The focus of the week has been on the familia that will get baptized this coming sunday. Julia (mom) and Emily y Eder (2 kids). This week among many of the things week talked to them about and taught, i really like the day we just went to watch a movie. The movie is called Finding Faith in Christ. Its a really great movie and shows many of the times that Jesus helped and healed others. My favorite thing about this movie is that when ever Jesus is about to heal someone he always askes if they believe that they can be healed or if they have faith. And after they answer and say they have faith, Jesus well heals them. I like it alot because it got me thinking. Jesus Christ can help everyone of us with everyone of our needs or problems, and not only that but he is willing and happy to help us. But we need to first have faith. If we dont believe that we can accomplish something or just dont show our faith by praying and asking for help well that we arnt doing our part and we may not quiet recieve the help that Christ was willing to give us if we had faith. Also, something i have seen here with the people or mexico (because here in mex is an extremely religious place) is that those that have a big belief in Christ and faith that he is there with them are just a generally more happy people. Well we showed that movie to the family and they really loved it and actually asked if they could barrow it from us. We lent it to them for a few more days and they watched it a few more times. Now this week will be focused on helping them get baptized this coming sunday.

Well what more can i say...... oh yes. So i got a haircut. I dont know if i have talked about this yet but the haircutting places are super cheap. Like today i spent 20pesos (1.50$) for a haircut. When walking around my area i see some other places offering to cut hair for 40pesos (3.25$) and all my mexican companions say thats really really expensive, and that its only that expensive because we are on the boarder. I then tell them that i would cut my hair for like 10$ (130pesos) or 15$ (165pesos) at some places and they look at me like i am crazy. I mean yeah the haircuts here arnt like super professional 4 yrs of college and 2 yrs of practicing quality but they actually give pretty good haircuts here. It will be hard for me to return and pay anything more that a few dollar for a haircut now. 

Well i got to go. 
Sorry i didnt take any pictures this week.
Elder Evans

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