Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feb 18 2013

Wow that was really great watching the video of Paul reading his call. Speaking or Peru, i have a lot of friends in the mision from Peru. They all see its the best place on earth. I have seen a lot of pictures and it looks really beautiful. There is also a girl in my ward that just got back from Peru visiting a friend. And from what i have heard from all of them (misioneros and her) is that los Peruanas son bien orgullosos de su paĆ­s jaja. Thats ok, it just means Peru must be really cool. Apparently they also have this soda called Inca-cola that tastes really good and its all made in Peru.
So how does everyone feel about paul going directly to peru? I think they are going to do that with the misioneros that are going to mexico too. Just send them directly to the Mexico Mtc.
I will continue in a bit
Hay fotos
So this week has been better in terms of people to teach. We have started teaching a family of four and another persona.
This family has been pretty difficult to teach because unlike most of the people here in mexico they dont believe in God. The dad is like 26 and grew up his whole life as a Buddist. Not only does he not believe in God, he hardly even knows anything about who God and Jesus Christ are. So we have had to start really basic. I must say its deffinitely been a challenge teaching him. I cant imagine being a missionary in those asian countrys where this is a much more common occurence. Everyone here pretty much believes in God and Jesus Christ.
This other person that we are teaching is named N____. She was a reference from Utah SLC. Her mom and dad are members, her sister is a missionary in SLC, and she has meet missionaries early in here life. She is pretty awesome. She listens, participates, and really seems to be understanding grabing on to everything that we teach. She has a baptismal date for the 16th of March. Hope all goes well with her.
Well one more misionary thing.... Walking around all day in leather shoes has its price. I have pie de atleta (bet you cant guess what that is) and ringworm. I just bought myself a spray called Lamisil, well its not actually Lamisil but its the similar of that. Good thing is medicine here is cheap, it cost about 2.5 dollars. With this i hope it clears up. My feet get pretty itchy.

Con amor
Elder Evans

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