Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feb 2 2013

Hey Everyone!
Ok so this week went by really fast!
Btw i got the packages this week! Thanks s much! Of course i shared the candy that i got. All the elders in the offices were happy to recieve some peanut butter mms and same with my companion. Also i compared the new shirts with the ones that i have been using and that have one year in the mission. I didnt realise how yellow my shirts were, until i saw the new white ones.
Thats crazy hearing that hayley is driving now. Although thats pretty cool. I cant wait to see how well of a driver she is  when i get back home. and yes, any gameboy games she finds, she can have and start them over (including the pokeman game haha)
Wow elder McDonough is back in the ward! How much time does he have now year and a half or 15 months? Should be close to that. 
Ok some here are some of the things i have done this week. 
Me and my companion went and visited a whole bunch of less active members and started to teach them. We are working with 3 families, Fam Benitez, Fam Gutierez, and another Fam Gutierez. They are really cool but everyone in those 3 familiers are very quiet and dont talk much. Infact its funny, there are a few members of the Gutierez familia that dont speak or read spanish very well. They are from southern mexico and were they live they spoke some dialect language. Best part of working with them is by the end of the week we got all of them to go to church.
Also this week, I bought my first soccer jersey. Its the original jersey for the Mexico team (green on in the photos) and i also found a jersey for the Tijuana Xolos 2012 team. I still would like to get the 2013 jersey some time in the future.
Another thing we did... eat about a 3 lbs of hot dogs throughout the week.... yeah i know thats not all that healthy but i have found a new way of preparing my hot dogs and they just taste amazing. And we still have about 3 more pounds of hotdog left in the package... but as for now we have taken a break from hotdogs.
Oh and btw the superbowl really wasnt a big deal here, hardley anyone cared. But i did hear how the game went..... Triste cosa con los 49rs :(
Ok well i must go.
Love you all 
ELder Evans

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