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Jan 29 2013

Thats soo cool hearing about Tommy getting his mission call to Brazil, i definitely thought he would go somewhere in mexico but i guess not. Its also great to hear how far along Paul is on his. When do you guys expect to recieve his letter? When it does come, is Paul going to wait for everyone to get home to open it or is he just planning on opening it right away and then calling everyone when he finds out where he is going?
Ummm I havent eaten any bugs yet, and well most of what i eat tastes pretty good. The worst thing we have to deal with about the food is that food sometimes seems to flow right through and you have to go to the bathroom right away. And also, there are a lot of missionaries that gain a ton of weight. I have had two friends here who, by the end of the mision, had gain 30-35 lbs. I havent really lost any or gain any, i just go up and down depending on the transfer, where i am, and the holidays. During holiday time there is just not end to the food.
Also yes my mission has its own tradiciones for completing time in the mission. Idk if its the same for all of mex or just tijuana but here some people at 6 months burn a tie, 12 months or 1 year burn a shirt, 18 months burn a pair of pants, and 24 months or 2 years burn a suit or a combination of pants shirt and tie. At this point in time ive just burned a tie. 
That would be cool to come home from singapore and bring home those hunting things. Here in tijuana, the normal souvenirs that people bring home after the mission are soccer jerseys (the team here in Tijuana is called the Xolos, there are actually doing really well so they are really popular right now), other Xolos stuff, and just other mexican stuff you can find in the touristy areas. Being a border city there isnt really a huge diference in culture other then here they just arnt as well off as the states so the stuff u find here is just outdated stuff from the states. 
So btw i wasnt able to write monday like i thought i would be able to because we left the secter to go out with other misioneros and when we were trying to get back it took an extra long time. If you can imagine, my secter is up in the hills to get the the main part of the zone or the Blvd you have to take a bus down the hill and over to the Blvd. There is only one bus or way to get there and that bus is very undependable, sometimes it takes 2 mins for one to come by and sometimes it takes 25 mins. That day we ended up waiting like 35 min for the bus to get back into our area and by the time we got back we had to go to appointments we had that night.
That night we had a family home evening with the second counsiler to the stake pres and his family. It was really fun. They feed us dinner and then we shared the message of the Restoration of the Gospel mixed with how us as member s of the church have the oppertunity to help those of our friends learn about the true gospel. When then had to go home beause of the time. It was a great time. 

Well i must go
Love Elder Evans

Ps hope you like the pictures, were you able to find the Weird Al?
Pps No i still havent gotten the packages. Apperently the car used to cross for the packages is being repaired and so i guess i wont get them until the car is fixed.
Ppps I did how ever get grandmas card from like jan 11th So thank you very much Grandma!
 Yeah here in Tj hay personas que miran futbol americano. Not too many people but enough. And from what i have seen it looks like most all want the 49rs to win. My companion though is from maryland so he wants the raven, but hes not really too into football so he doesnt really care all that much.
The areas good, i like it all except that its like 30 - 45 mins away from any major store or laundry place. But yeah i am acostumbrado to the area. I still havent got the pcks yet because some problem with the car that is used to cross  for the pcks. But when the car is fixed i should get them.
How is paul feeling? is the excitement building up for his call? where  does he want to go?

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