Friday, January 11, 2013

After Jan 6 2013

Dear Everyone

First off, sorry for not having written for much time. With holidays and then just being busy during pday i havent really been able to write much. 
So i will fill you all in on the updates. At the end of december i was moved out of Industrial because the new missionaries arrived and the president had to make some special changes. Right now i am in the area Agua Caliente. Its very different from where i was before. Insteed of being flat like Industrial, it is located on a really steap hill. So if i am not walking down hill, i am walking up, there is no flat area here. But i dont mind it. Its actually a nice change of scenery. Its acually pretty green up on the hills and it overlooks a lot of the city. The people here are also a lot more humble (poor), but thats alright, the people in the ward and everyone else i have meet are really nice. Also, i have a new companion. His name is Elder Powell and he is from Maryland. Its kind of cool being companions with another american becasue we can talk about stuff from the states, speak english when we dont want anyone to understand us, and well those are like the only differences haha. We both speak spanish without difficulty so there is no probably with not having a native born spanish speaking companion. 
Well about my ward. Its pretty small, i am still learning peoples names, and the building is like a 30min walk from the house. You can look it up if you want, go to, and search from the building, its in Fundadores Tijuana. 
Well i guess i can talk about christmas and new years here in mex. Well for christmas i spent most all of the 24th and 25th visiting families and eating with them. The tradicion here is the night of 24th is noche buena and everyone holds parties and feast for dinner. More people are out celebrating the 24th then the25th. The 25th is really just a day to rest frrom the party and eat the left over food, which is usually tamales. That whole week was really fun, we shared a lot of messages with members and nonmembers about the birth of Jesus Christ. A lot of people here, and im am sure everywhere else, get all caught up in plans, parties, work and so being able to take 20 to 30 mins of their time to talk about the really reason for celebrating christmas feels really good and i could see that they really enjoyed it too.
Now for new years, well here there are no big firework show to go watch so there are a lot more roadside parties and fireworks. Everyone was having their own party so there was a lot music blasting in the roads. Here fireworks arnt illegal so eveyone gets them and launches rockets in the air and lights off fireworks that really are more like tiny bombs. When they go off it sounds so loud that all the car alarms nearby start to sound too.
It was a really fun experience.
Now about the missionary work that is going on in this area... when i came here there really wasnt anyone progressing and well didnt really have too many to teach. Now we have 2 people that we are visiting normally, Roberto and Alfredo. Roberto has studied much of the bible and so he really like talking about the similerities between when the Book of Mormon says and what the Bible says. He has also been to church with usonce and likes it. The hardest part for him will be making a change in churches. But hes pretty awesome!
Alfredo is awsome too but still hasnt been to church. he says he will go this time though. 
And we are still battling to find more people to teach.
Oh and i am going to forward a email to you guys with a link so you can see all the misioneros in my mission and where they are from.
Love you all a ton
ELder Evans

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