Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jan 21 2013

Dear Familia,

Im doing great here in Agua Caliente. And yes it does sound funny to translate the ward names into english. If i were to do that to all my wards it would be Los pinos = The pine trees, industrial = industrial, agua caliente = hot water. Some other funny ward names are lago = lake, Ojo de aqua = water's eye, tacate (name of city and name of biggest beer brand here), la mesa = the table, casa blanca = white house, olivos = olives, ect.. i cant think of all the rest.
So this transfer here has gone by really fast, only one more week left. I like this ward but its also a bit more dificult that the others that i have been it. Its great because a lot of the families in the ward, they are all really cool but my area is all hills! thats all fine and all but becuase of that there really arnt any big stores here so to go shopping we walk 30 and enter a different sector to buy are stuff. Oh and its the same with laundry mats, we was 35 mins with our laundry to the nearst place to wash. Also its a little bit more difficult here to find people to teach. Now i dont want you to think i am complaining, just telling it how it is haha. 
ALthough on the bright side we do have 2 investagaters. Roberto might get baptized this week and Alfredo is what you would call an eternal investagater. Roberto is pretty cool, he knows a ton about the bible and loves to tell us stories from it. Usually those people who know a lot about the bible are difficult to teach cause they dont like to accept that there is more that they dont know. But hes not like that. He has accepted the Book of Mormon to be true and that there should be Prophets in these days too. Only it is a little difficult for him to change religions. I understand him on that, it would be really hard to make such a big change like this, going from something very familier were you feel at ease to something that is completely new. 
Now Alfredo is a little different. He loves having us over at his house and we love goin over there but as much as he says he will go to church, he never does. He is also reading the Book of Mormon and likes using the Mormon.org site. Hes a pretty big guy, and he works on computers and security systems. Apperently he has put up camera systems in house and cars of some very powerful people, both tijuana and san diego. 
Now i dont have my camera with to send pics but i will the next time.
Oh and today for the activity we are going play volleyball, eat tacos, and watch Tangled. We get special permission to watch the movie because the Assistantes to the President ar e in my zona. 
In my district its just me, powell, fjelstrom, and his companion harro. Powell is from Upper Marlboro, Maryland. 
Con Mucho amor
Elder Evans

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