Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jan 28 2013

I dont have much time right now to write but i have sent pics, i hope you can see them all and i wll be writing latter today.Btw transfers happened and..... we stayed the same. no changes for us.

[Mother's note: He didn't write "latter." So all we have for this week are pictures. If you would like to see a picture that really isn't missionary worthy, email me and I will send you a link. It's not bad by any means, in fact it is funny, but I'm still not going to put it on this blog. sarakevans12 at gmail dot com]

It's green this time of year

His shoes seem to be still viable


Hay nublado. I remember that from 7th grade Spanish

EJ looking every bit a missionary

EJ and his companion at a local laundromat with a lovely mural depicting less technological methods of getting clothes clean
Can you spot Weird Al Yankovic's face in this pic?

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  1. Picture #1 - i would not want the room that overhangs.

    #2 - A very nice picture of Jimmy. That blue van is precariously parked. I am worrying about its safety.

    #3 - I would always worry that these structures were going to fall apart.

    #4 - At first I though "Hay" was like "hey" but spelled wrong. Then I thought it might be a Spanish word.

    #5 - Very missionary!!

    #6 - "If you have a complaint, this is your other option."

    #7 - It is like that picture was there so Jimmy could think of his family. Isn't it great that Weird Al reminds him of home???