Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feb 25 2013

Dear All
That awsome that Jason has gotten his call too! Cali would be a really sweat place too be! Going by the name of the place, i am assuming he will have the beach and ocean in his misson limites! Its way cool that the Sanderson family will have someone out on the mission in no time.
Btw about the deferment... i think byui wants me back the soonest semester possible (like 2 monthes after i get back). But i think i am going to ask if i can wait an extra semester or something because it really doesnt give me much time to get a job and earn for college.
You will have to tell me whats up with Pauls knee after he gets it checked. I also cant wait to see Lemmy and how much hes grown. I remeber before i left we didnt ever take him out of the tank in fear that he would run and hid somewhere.
So this week was pretty great. The best part was when we got one of our Investagaters to pray for the first time. He is Budist and he has been having trouble beleaving that there is a God. It was really great when he finally took a chance and prayed. He did great and seemed like it was a natural to him. The best part was that while he was praying we could feel the spirit really well and after he finished he even told us that it felt muy bonito while praying. 
So this is the last week of the transfer. Its gone by really fast!
We just had our last activity as a zone today. We went bowling! havent done that in a long time!

Love Elder Evans

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