Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4 2013

Hey Everyone!Happy Birthday DAD, how was it! I saw the cake pics and it think it looked pretty awesome!!!
So i think i mentioned it in my letter the other week, but today was transfer day! Guess where i am, Mexicali! I just arived a little while ago. Everyone says this place gets unimaginable hot out but not for a month or so. Its hot out right now, but not terribly hot.
My new companion is Elder Neeser from Idaho. Hes pretty cool from what i can tell. 
So this past week was spent sort of the same way we spent with the other past weeks. We have been working with N____ and she is pretty cool. Accepts what we have to teach and understands it all. She even participates in the lession, the only problem is that it has been difficult to get her to go to church. Every week she says she will go but something always comes up. I guess there isnt really much we can do about it now that im in Mexicali.
Btw im really excited to be here. I know i will probably be here when it starts with the extreme heat but i really like the chance to get out of Tijuana and see new parts of the mision. So far the biggest difference is that here it is all flat and everything is the color of dirt and sand. 
Yesterday i have the oppertunity to talk to some of my old converts from industrial, O____ and his family. They are doing really great and it pleased me to hear that they keep going to church and that O______ has been given the priesthood. They have evenly been helping out the misioneros that are there right now. They give references and food, two of a misioneros most favorite things. It has been cool to see how much the Gospel has changed thier lives. They almost seem like completely different people before we started teaching them. And now they are just doing really great.
Ok wow i am really tired last night. Yesterday i spent a lot of the night packing and cleaning the house and then today i had to get up really early to go the the bus station.
Oh and one other thing. A return misionero from peru just came to visit the ward and a few families. I took a picture with his money. So paul, when you go to Peru you will be using what i got in my hands, Solas. 
So thats all im going to write for right now.
Les amo
Elder Evans
EJ and solas de Peru

a family from Agua Caliente, Tijuana

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