Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mar 26 2013

So hows everyone doing?
This weeks been pretty great! At the beginning of the week we found this one lady, =====, that recently moved here from San Felipe (other city mas o menos nearby mexicali) and that she had visited the church over there once and that she went to the activities too. But she never talked with the misioneras over there. Right now my companion and i are visiting and teaching her. Shes pretty old but really cool. We brought her to the thursday night activities and she got along really well with the other women in the ward, she said she had a great time. Then this sunday we were planing on bringing her to the church with other members in a car but that didnt work out. Surprisingly enough she was still willing to walk the 40 mns to get there and that was really  cool. we got their a little late but it was great seeing here willingness and desire to go to church. She is planning on getting baptized this 4th of Abril. Also, we have been helping a family of menos activos go back to church. One of the boys wants to even go to EFY. This week most of the family and one of the older brothers went and brought his wife (well technically not married), ========, and she really like the church to and this week we are going to start teaching her. The good thing is she wants to get married, so the not being married shouldnt be a big problem.
Then yesterday was really fun, we did a family home evening with a family and for desert we decided to do the Alten Brown 3 Leche Cake, we looked up the recipe even got to see clips of that episode on youtupe. Today we will return for another lesson and to finish it up because it had to wait over night to soak up the milk. I think we messed up a little in the process but oh well. Btw, here they dont sell half and half  or heavy cream. so it made it a little bit more dificult but we used a subsitute. Next week i will tell you  have it turned out.
Oh and today we went to the zoo, i sent a lot of pics. There wasnt a whole lot of crazy cool animals but then again the place really doesnt have that great of a climate for animals. I found it funny though seeing some of the animals they did have though.. a lot were just ordinary animals. They even had a nice big habitat for a raccoon. I guess raccoons arnt all that common here cause there was a lot of kids really interested in it haha.
Well Love you all 
Elder Evans

A trip to the Mexicali zoo on Pday:

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