Monday, September 10, 2012

Sept 10 2012

Buenos Dias
Another week has past... pretty fast actually. This week wasnt as crazy as last week with plans and all but we managed to keep busy. Oh and its finally starting to cool down here. This last week was probably averaged in the high 60s or low 70s and i am starting to see clouds here. I miss the random changes in weather soo much and the different seasons in general! Here it is always perfect and sunny.... :/ haha 
So this ward i am in is really small but yes they have semenary for the youth but i wouldnt doubt it if it was combined with another ward.
So this we tried really hard to marry people. Ok i will explain. So first of all to be baptized you have to beliving the Law of Chastity, and here in Tijuana no one is married. Everyone here just gets together and either after a year or after they have kids they just call themselfs husband and wife but because its expensive and difficult to get married legally here in TJ they just dont. I think its like 600 pesos or 50 dollars and you have to go to a judge to do it, religious leaders cant do it here like they can in the states. But anyways, everyonce and a while Tijuana does this marrige collective thing. Were they marry a whole bunch of people all at once. Its a lot cheaper, 150 pesos (12$), and you only need to bring you ACT of Nacimiento (i think its like a Birth Cert.). We had two families that we were planning on marrying there but everthing fell apart last second. We planned to met one of the families at their place but when we went they wernt there and then later told us they couldnt find their ACT of Nacimiento and decided to go somewhere for a little while. The other family, the mom really wants to get married and baptized and everything was working out great until the dad said...yeah i dont want to get married yet, i need more time to get to know her first. haha funny thing is they have 6 years together and 3 kids. So yeah, no one got married, but oh well :/
So on a more happy note :) Tatiana (who i mention in the last letter) is pretty awesome. Tatiana has been reading the Book of Mormon faster then any of my past investigators, i think shes in Alma right now. Shes doing everything she can to be baptised. Oh and even more, so she crosses over to San Diego about 2 times a week and this week she surprised us with a big bag of Peanut Butter M&MS! Oh yeah there selection of MMs here is very pathetic and they only have the 1doller size bags. It was the first time my companion had ever tried those mms, he loved them. 
Tatianas son and interesting wall art
Well love you all!
Elder Evans


  1. That's weird about people being married there. I thought they were super catholic there and that they would all be married... time to send a care package of m&ms.

  2. Funny about the M&Ms and having lived an entire lifetime without them... I think that the world is definitely going the way of non-marriage. It is interesting that people will live together and have kids and not know if they really want to get married.

    Morgan will LOVE the wall art. It is rather interesting. Of course my fave is also the elephantuba.