Monday, September 24, 2012

Sept 24 2012

[Mother's note: all spelling is his. Also, the pictures he talks about at the end were never sent. So just pretend you're looking at what he is describing]

Thank you for those pictures!
This was the last week of transfers and so there was a lot of saying goodbyes to the members, investigetors, otro misioneros, and not to mention we still work a full week. With such a busy week it went by really fast. The news about transfers is that Elder Pena is leaving for some other place in Tijuana and i am staying. I am going to pick my companion up at the Center de Transportation at 11:15. Its been a great transfer and we have worked really hard. 

Ok so early this week we had an ant infestation! It was rediculous how fast these ants find food. What happened is i was at my desk when i saw a cockroach moving accross the ground and so i steped on it and sweeped it aside towards the trash can to get rid of it when i am done studying. Like 10 mins later i look back and see that there are hundreds of ants in like a 2 foot circle of where the dead cockroach was and the cockroach was completely covered. So me and my companion sprayed down some axe deoderant spray and light the floor on fire to kill the ants. Dont worry it wasnt a big fire or anything and there was nothing around us that would catch on fire, so i would say we were being pretty save.
Basically this week was spent running from appointment to appointment with not much time to spare, it was a good week in terms of teaching and everthing and it ended pretty sweet too! We had 4 baptism this sunday! Rosalva, who has been listing to us elders for about 4 months, got baptised before the church survice. She is the tallest of the 3 woman to get baptized, the one whos not in the photo with the rest of the 3. To prepare and do everything for her baptism was crazy, me and my comp were running around like crazy because we had to do it before our church service while the other ward was having their classes. Not to mention Rosalva and her family showed up a little late too haha but all in all it all turn out pretty good. 
Then after our church survices we had 3 more baptisms, that was a lot less stressfull because we actually felt like we had time to think set it up without rushing. Those other 3 who got baptised are Tatiana, Oswaldo, and Jocelyn. Tatiana is the short Puerto Rican with the curly hair. Jocelyn is the woman in the dress. And well Oswaldo is the guy...of course :) I had the oportunity of baptizing them! 
The other foto is of us with our ward mission leader. He is pretty awesome, and he knows a ton about the scriptures. Hes also the guy that gives the classes ever sunday those investigators and recent converts.
The other pic that i am sending is those of us playing football in the rain for pday activity.
Ok Love you all!
Elder Evans

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  1. Glad to hear that you guys are being 'save' with the fire...