Monday, September 17, 2012

Sept 17 2012

Its really cool hearing all about those in Minnesota!
So this week went by really fast! Losts of important appointments and lots of missionary meetings and stuff, so i got to see those thoer missionaries in the zone a whole lot. 
First off, my mission president with the stake pres. held a meeting with us missionaries in the zone and with our ward bishops and their counsalors. He talked about how the missionaries and the wards could work better together. They talked about how it is very important that the membors help with references and how it is actually a responsibility of the ward members to help find people for the missionaries to teach. There are actaully places out there where the missionaries dont knock on doors, or they only knock on the doors of members. A few of the wards in my stake accepted to take on that plan. I find that would be really interesting and fun to be in an area where i dont have to knock on doors.
Secondly, the 15th was the day of independence here and there was an activity held at the stake center with food and activities and all that. oh and the missionaries in my district werent allowed to go. At first they said that it was fine if we went and then they said no. I think they just didnt want a whole bunch of missionaries spending alot of time at activities. So all the missionaries in my district got together at the house of the district leader to have tacos and stuff. 
It was pretty fun to spend time with them. All of us in the district are pretty great friends. It will be interesting to see who stays and who will go for transfers this coming monday. I am probably going to stay seeing how i only have one transfer here.
So dia de independencia here is pretty different then ours. I am pretty sure that fireworks are illegal here because no one was setting them off. Instead every just drinks and watches wrestling or boxing. 
This sunday was really great! We had one of our old investagators go to church. His name is Oswald and he is pretty awesome. He love talking about the Plan that God has for his children and the atonement of Christ and how he can be cleansed from sin. The only problem is that he never actaully went to church and now this sunday he went!
Oswald and a few others have plans to get baptised this week. Hope all goes right this week. We will see what happens.
Love you all Bye!
Elder Evans

Ps Any pictures would be welcomed. Like maybe the last holiday family picture we took with everyone there :)

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