Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3 2012

Dear Home

To answere your question mom, yes Elder Mayo is my Zone Leader and no Elder Bryce isnt in my ward but is in my district. 
Ok so i forgot to mention this about my appartment......we have a cochroach problem. They live in our walls.... and in one of our kitchen drawers. They are pretty gross, i havent seen any giant ones yet, they are all about the size of a nickel.
This week was pretty sweet and pretty hectic at the end. We were teaching this man Enrigue, and he had a baptizmal date set for yesterday (sunday). I believe i have mentioned him a little bit in my past letter. Anyways he is a really awesome guy who believe in the Book of Mormon and that God has given us a Prophet in this day and that he needs to be baptized but everytime we talked to him about baptizm he would tell us that he still doesnt feel repented of his sins and that he needs a little more time to mejorar su vida (better his life) before baptizm. We told him that if he really has a desire to change his life and live the gospel then he is ready. But we also told him to pray about it and ask Heavenly Father if he is ready and if he sould be baptized this week. Well we came back the next day and his whole personality seemed to have changed, he seemed a lot more lively, happy, and pleased with life. He then told us that he prayed and feels completely ready for baptizm and wants to be baptized this week. 

Well sunday (day of his baptizm) came around and we all showed up at the church at the same time to find that someone had drained the baptizmal font of all the water.....Nooooooo!!!!! We had one hour to fill the font and hold the baptizmal serivice before our sacrament meeting. We (4 of us missionaries, 2  of which were from the ward before us) did everything we could to fill it as fast as possible. Idk if you know what a Garrafont is, but its like a giant water bucket/thing that holds there DRINKABLE water. Well we even filling those up with an outside hose and then dumping it in the font. Well 45 mins after we had it filled and i directed the baptizmal service and my companion baptized him. He was then later confirmed and recieve the Espiritu Santo in sacrament meeting. He was really happy that day :) and so was I. In the picture he is the guy right next to me. The guy next to my companion is his step-son who is a member.
Now about Tatiana who I also mentioned in my before letter. She went to the baptizmal service and she said she would like to be baptized and asked me would she needs to do to be baptized and well like it says in the Bible (Acts 8:36-39) all you need is to believe in Jesus Christ as our savior and have a desire to be baptized. Tatiana is really awesome, we are going back to teach her tomorrow and we are going to make this lesson really sweet!

Well Love you all!
Elder Evans

Oh yeah ps i have collected 2 club cards of the 3 major stores around here... I have Calimax, Comercial Mexicana, and all i need is Soriana.
[From email to his dad]
Im doing really well.
No i havent seen that movie but hey if the twins dont have a chance welll i hope the best for the As this year. And thats awesome that you get to go down to Cali and visit Granddad, tell him hello for me and tell me how hes doing.
My spanish is pretty good, my biggest problem is when people talk quietly or dont speak clearly. But yeah i can hold conversation with just about anyone and i can keep up with conversations too. Its not a whole lot different as senor companion but i do like it. And the ward is pretty cool, i dont know the members all too well still but those that i do know seem pretty cool. As a smaller ward i find that me and my companion are the only ones that wear suit coats to church haha. I have been to the boarder wall once but the other side doesnt look too interesting, i can only really see open area and then hills. But yeah we are still using lots off taxis.
It feels wierd that it was a whole year ago that its been more then a year sence ive been to Rex.
Well Love you
Elder Evans

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