Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dec 16 2013

Hey everyone hows it going!
So today i start my last transfer. Time has gone by really fast and i feel that it will keep on going by fast with the holidays coming up. Speaking of which i will be skpying home on the 25th, i still dont know what time though. Surprisingly my companion and i are not getting changed so im most likely going to stay here until i go home. Im alright with that because i know and like this ward. The areas a little bit hard but we are working had and doing everything possible to have succes here.
We have found a few new people and set baptismal dates with them but they werent able to go to church for some reason. We are going to have to work something out so that they can get to church this sunday. That has really been the biggest problem so far, getting everyone to go to church.
Im really excited for christmas, i still dont know what my plans are but im really excited to skype home and talk to you all. And then like a month and a week later i will be getting home!
Btw i got your package, thanks so much!. The pants fit great and today i will be making the andys mints cookies! Have you guys started making christmas cookies yet or no?
Well this weeks letter will be a little short but i love you all and talk to you in like a week.
Elder Evans

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