Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dec 9 2013

Helo everyone,

So its starting to get a little colder here in Tijuana. During the day and at night i am totally fine with the cold but in the morning it is getting a little harder to get out of the bed and into the cold. 
I also got some bad new, i was planning on making the cookies this monday but we wont be doing that anymore because our house was broken into saterday night and took a few things from us including the mints and chocolate. I was told that there are more cases of roberies and broken en houses around this time of year. One of the things they took was my camera and with it the memory of my pictures from mexicali until now. They also took my tijuana and mexico jersey, mexico hat, medicines and cologne, a suitcase, pants, and some other things i cant think of right now.
Saturday night we had a conference for all the missionaries and ward counsel members of tijuana and ensenada. It was a good conference i enjoyed it, it was all about who the ward counsel and missionaries need to work together with the new program Work of Salvacion. On of the brothers from the ward gave us a ride back home and when we got back we saw that the doors were all open in our house and the neighbors house. They had broken the locks and kicked the doors in. The brother stayed with us as we called and talked with the cops and at the end of all that we just stayed the night in our house with broken locks. I didnt sleep because i didnt like the idea of leaving our house and our neighbers house un watched over. The neighbors (two ladies 26-40yrs old, both teachers) were out of town for the weeked visiting family didnt get back home until sunday evening so they surprised as well when they got home. We tried calling them bothsaturday and sunday but the only number we had of theirs wasnt working at the time so we couldnt inform them. After talking with them we found out that one of them got their laptop stolen but nothing more.
Today the owner came with people to fix the doors and put new locks on. Everythings good now, just a little bummed out for losing the camera and photos.
Well i only have a little bit more time left and i will be back home. I guess the robbery serves as another mission experience. Its really weird thinking that Elder Neeser will be going home soon. All of the missionaries that i met when i got here have all gone home. 
I still dont have traval plans but im pretty sure i will be leaving home on the 4th of Feb. 
Well i a week i will be in my last area in my last transfer. Im pretty excited for changes. This week we will have the mission christmas dinnar too.
Well i hope you all have a great week and mom i hope you have a great birthday! Happy Birthday!
Elder Evans

Updated with some pictures. Presumably taken with his companion's camera.

Still smiling?

the damage

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