Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dec 2 2013

Hola a todos,

Hows everyone doing? I hope you all had a great thanksgiving. How many people were at the country club? I enjoyed seeing the pictures of everyone. Was there enough food for everyone?

My thanksgiving was pretty a good one, we worked like normal until dinner and then around 6pm we went to the house of our ward mision leader to have eat a bit of ham and mashed potatos. The house wasnt that big and they had family over so it was a little crowded. The family was watching the polar express and i saw a little glimps of it and i remember when granddad was over for the christmas season one year and if i remember right he bought the movie and we all watched it. The movie really put me in the christmas mood, and all i want now is a little bit of snow here to go with the season. My companion is kind of a grinch and i dont think likes christmas...who knows haha. But transfers are on the 16th this month so i have no idea where i will be for christmas. I believe that i will be getting back home on the 3rd or 4th of feb. (it will be a tuesday). So after we finished left the house of my ward mision leader we went to visit a woman in our ward who live alone, she is from Vista Cali and had two of her kids over visiting for the holiday. We werent too hungry when we got to her house so we ate just a little bit of ham and then had a few slices of pie and cheese cake.

Work wise things have gone good this week, we found a few people and were able to place a few baptismal dates. The only problem is that none of them went to the church....so we are going to talk to them about that and see what happened. But there was one person that went to church, one of the members invited his friend over and we talked to him and he accepted an appointment and we are going to go teach him on wednesday. He seems pretty cool, i bet he is like 40 years old and he seems like a great guy... a little quiet but thats alright.

So between us missionary in the same zone we are having a present exchange, i have to buy for an elder named E. Matarrita, he is from Costa Rica and i think i will get him a dragon ball z toy haha, he is a super dragon ball z fan.

Well i hope you all have a great day, 
Love elder evans

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