Monday, December 30, 2013

Dec 30 2013

Christmas here was also pretty relaxing! Monday was a half day because the Pres gave us until 2 to write, wash clothes, and other stuff and then at 2 we had to work again like a normal day. On the 24th we tried working as normal but everyone was celebrating xmas so basically we just eat a whole bunch with the families that we visited that day. That was pretty fun because out last appointment that day we ate tamales a lot of desert (truffels, brownies, and cupcakes) and we played uno and jenga with the family. On xmas we got to have our Pday so it was another very relaxed day. Early in the morning we went to eat breakfast with one of the families by our house. We ate tamales and ham, it was very good. We ended up staying at their house until like 3 en the after noon playing Texas Holdem. That was the first time playing for me and my comp. so we obviously lost.  But it was fun to play a game that envolved their whole family. It will be really fun to play settlers of catan again. I think i have eaten more food than i should have this week and with this week being new years there will be more food this week too. 
Its crazy to think that i will be entering my last month of the mision in just a few weeks. Im a bit bummed that christmas has passed. I really enjoyed sharing messages about the birth if Jesus Christ. I practically carried with me the whole month the DVD of Joy to the World. I watched that in the houses  of other people like 20 times in total. BUt i really enjoyed this christmas season, as well as the year before.
I cant wait to see you all again, im even more excited now that i just talked with you all.
Have a great new years!
Oh i now have a camera, and sent pics.
Elder Evans


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